Effective way of raising the profile of your work
opportunity to network & solicit business
Opportunity to explore in interactive way
within small sessions
Leading Experts around the world
sharing the views

Our Achievements

  • Over 264+ Experts that are Renowned in their Respective subject Areas ranging from Niche market topics to VIVID topics : from technical to non technical.
  • Successfully Trained VARIOUS Professionals from various segment of industries.
  • A Most informative platform for Trainings, consultations, Industry Updates and Professional Growth.
  • Having infinite Courses
  • Successfully Completed innumerable courses.

We are the organization
who look to Productive to
Business (P2B)

IBC (International Business Conferences) provides a platform to industry experts and decision makers to exchange their views on a particular issue that they can use for strategic to practical purposes. We deliver thought provoking & unbiased and research oriented business intelligence products through optimum mix of Conferences along with workshops, exhibitions and In-house training programs.

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More than 16 years
Successful Experienced Industry Presence

Why International Business Conferences (IBC)

We have learned through experiences that success means watertight planning backed with careful and considered work by a
stellar team. With well over a decade’s worth of experience and passion amongst us, and with a cutting edge of our industry.

Why we are here?

There are three main reasons for this :
  • Locating the buyers – executives with job titles such as ‘Conference Organiser’ are rare and the decision to place a meeting could be made by anyone from the ‘Chief Executive’ to ‘Secretary’.
  • Building up customer loyalty – the problem here is that the person responsible for placing one meeting may well have moved on before the next one, and you need to keep in touch with the company or association, in order to be
  • Anticipating market demand – the number, type and timing of events held by companies, associations and public sector organisations all vary considerably.

With these potential problems, one might wonder if it is even worthwhile being involved in the conference industry. The answer is undoubtedly ‘Yes’ providing that you run and market your facilities to the best advantage.

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