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We invite both Indian & international renowned speakers who are an authoritarian on particular subject matter which is more practical and application based thereby making it easy to put things into practice. Some of our workshops have been repeated and some of them have grown on the pyramid to advances topics also.

IBC's event calendar consists of Industry Specific Events and many of these have now become the annual events of the particular industry attracting wide and comprehensive participation. Over the years IBC has delivered objective oriented conferences. unbiased and non promotional presentations. These presentations of the conference and forums have been a point of debates and have concluded in putting them as white papers to various planning & deciding bodies.

We define Conference as :


Workshops & Seminars

IBC is known for Conceptualizing. Planning and Organizing Research based Industry Specific Conferences and Fomms in tandem with the Industry and also with Trade Bodies and Associations. Its event calendar consists of Industry Specific and with turn around on the latest issues. Many of these have now become the annual events of the particular industry attracting wide and comprehensive participation.

In-person, interactive seminars with one to one interaction and attention at VENUE is our training modes. During the course of these seminars, participants do net working sessions directly with notable regulatory and quality Experts. Our seminars are unique experiences, in which learning combines with interaction and hands-on training where applicable.

Our seminars offer a host of benefits to our participants:

They can meet experts face-to-face.
Participants get the opportunity to associate and network with other people in the industry.

These seminars assist participants with certificates, reading material that are copyrightten .
These seminars are held in strategically convenient locations, such as a city which is a hub of pharmaceutical companies, and are cost-effective, too.

These seminars are highly popular with regulatory and compliance and HR professionals in these countries. We can say with pride and confidence that we have achieved the aim of these seminars –that of helping professionals attain a higher level in their professions.

What started off in 1999 in Mumbai has now mushroomed into a major activity for IBC and its participants.

In-house Traning Program

Our In house training programs are tailor-made fittings in the framework of client. The cost effectiveness and visible results in terms of performance post-event are the two things that make us unique and different.

You can choose an In-House training program that meets your team's needs – or we'll help you design a custom program. You say when and where, and we'll bring you a cutting-edge In-House training program. These programs are specifically tailor-made to your needs. We offer training your team in the comfort of your own facility as we customize courses to meet the specific needs of your organization and an entire team in a confidential environment.

Meets and conventions :

"We welcome Trade bodies, Organizations and associations to utilize our strong database in developing the convention and meets, wherein we can provide our consultancy."


We have another powerful offering: Consulting.

What makes our Consulting special is that it is tailored to client’s individual needs which can be specific. At these sessions, our Experts go over to the client location or meet at an agreed, neutral location, where the precise issues the client has are addressed. If the Expert details and decides on the syllabus for the in-person seminars, the client does so during Consulting.

As can be understood from this, the beauty of our consulting service is that it offers clients the chance to have exact issues addressed. A session of our consulting goes a long way in helping the organization overcome problems specific to it or take critical decisions. We can have the Expert can come down to the client's location or the consulting can take place at a neutral location;

Our Expert can address any number of employees the organization chooses to make part of.
There is no fixed duration, and is entirely dependent on the client’s choice.

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